Gravity Well Studio

Corey’s private, boutique recording and production studio in Orange County, CA makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to have Corey or any other musicians record their tracks for your song. I can produce, record, edit,
mix and master your songs right here. The final outcome is always based on the artists vision. Your final mixes will compete with those at the highest levels and be ready for distribution, radio and streaming.

At “The Well” the objective is to record, mix and master high quality tracks, while still working within your budget. Once a mix is complete, you’ll have a chance to review it and revisions will be made until it meets or exceeds your expectations.

Hit me up and let me know how I can help.

The following services are available:
Recording Sessions
Live Performances
Music and Soundtracks for TV, Movie, Advertising, Video Games
Engineering, Editing, Mixing